Ashley Raymer-Brown

Ashley is currently serving as the President of TTD, and is proud to be one of the founding members. She feels fortunate to have been able to serve as playwright for three productions and as director or co-director for eight (including “Mary Poppins, “Beauty and the Beast,” “Something’s Afoot, and “Arsenic and Old Lace.”)

In her life before TTD, she was an award-winning Independent Filmmaker. Her first film, “No Lost Cause” is currently internationally distributed and was featured on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network). Her memoir recalling her experience creating a film on a micro budget, “The Why Not Philosophy or How We Learned to Let Go, Trust God and Defeat the Raptors,” is available on Amazon, while her second feature film, (and the reason she met her friends at HCHS) “The Hepburn Girls” is also currently available on Amazon and 

Personally, Ashley is an avid reader, movie-watcher, and writer (although, her unfinished novel begs to differ). No matter what the project, she is happiest when she is able to bring talented people and their art together for the consumption and appreciation of the public. While her taste remains vintage, Ashley is grateful for the technology of the modern world and the opportunity to share her thoughts, aspirations and misadventures.

Her lofty dreams are to create things that people remember and to one day own an alpaca. Above all, she loves God, her family, and all her pets (dog, cats & chickens.)

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