Auditions:  September 20

Frankenstein: A Radio Play

6 Men
4 Women

 CAPTAIN ROBERT WALTON: captain of a ship seeking the Northwest Passage. Also plays: DeLacey, a blind hermit; a prison guard; a priest

 VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN: creator of a monster

 HENRY CLERVAL: Victor's best friend. Also plays: a crewman; man 1 at DeLacey's cabin

 PROFESSOR WALDMAN: a professor of medicine. Victor and Henry's mentor. Also plays: a crewman on Walton's ship, Man 1 at DeLacey's cabin

 CATHERINE FRANKENSTEIN: Victor's young sister. Also plays: Birgitta, a servant

 BARONESS FRANKENSTEIN: Victor and Catherine's mother

 JUSTINE MORITZ: Governess to Catherine

 ELIZABETH FRANKENSTEIN: Elizabeth's fiancee

 THE CREATURE: Victor's creation. Also plays a crewman on Walton's ship

 ANNOUNCER: 1940s style radio announcer. Also plays: a crewman on Walton's ship


Laura Adams

Stage Manager


Technical Director

Wayne Wilson